Welcome to the program!

You are reading this on the first day of the rest of your life. Today you have taken the first step toward forever changing your body, mind, and spirit through the Med 1 Healthy Transformation Program. There are no fads, no diets, nor gimmicks – only science, strategy, and hard evidence. The only variable that can possibly keep you from reaching your goals is YOU. Without your cooperation, enthusiasm, and submission to the plan, it will not work. However, if you are ready to shed your skin and become your ultimate self, inside and out, our certified team has the right answers and will guide you through this exciting journey.

The most pervasive reason people fail is lack of information, resources, and accountability. We will provide you with recommendations throughout this program however, executing them and showing the necessary discipline will be completely up to you.


Congratulations today, tomorrow, and forever! You have made a choice to improve your quality of life and we are excited to be part of your decision. We welcome you and promise to make this next phase of your life one that you will never forget.  Med 1 offers complete custom programming specifically designed to meet your needs. Med 1 specializes in rapid and healthy weight loss for your first 28 days, however, many of our programs are clients stay with us until they reach their desired goal.

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Med 1 HTP is a 28 day program specifically aimed at building great habits by educating clients to make realistic food and fitness choices each day. Most of our patients lose between 20-30 lbs in their first month with the help of a very detailed nutrition plan, workout regimen and accountability coaching sessions weekly.

Although no one program is exactly the same, many of our clients benefit from a meal plan that consists of meal replacements, nutraceuticals supplements, and short term prescriptions. Our consultation fee is $125, however this fee is applied to your package and only charged if you do not purchase.

The video below explains a little about one of our options which is the prescription pharmaceutical product hCG. Although the diet in the video consists of approximately 500 calories, we recommend a slightly larger caloric regimen in most cases that is more realistic to your every day life. We also incorporate physical activity which requires more caloric intake.

Following your medical consult, each Healthy Transformation patient receives a complete fitness evaluation and program orientation

Our lifestyle team will guide you through this journey and help make this process extremely easy and manageable. We will take all of the guesswork out of your first 28 days and escort you into your new healthy lifestyle. Med 1 offers weekly coaching sessions to discuss your progress and track your results. We typically meet in person or via phone to take you through each step of the program including your nutrition plan, and strength and conditioning tasks. You will receive access to our patient portal with all sorts of resources, access to our private facebook page, and discounts on nutracueticals and additional personal training or nutritional services.

All of our clients are invited to our exclusive private Healthy Transformation group facebook page where files are stored, tips are revealed, motivation is inspired and non-judgmental discussion is encouraged. We also provide many workout programs to conduct on your own in your home or at the gym. Below is a sample of one of our FitStart videos that are all less than five minutes and could be completed in your living room with no equipment.

We also offer a free Fitness Assessment and Healthy Transfomation nutritional/strengh 7 conditioning orientation weekly at our lifestyle center located inside Anytime Fitness of Belleville, 11780 Belleville Rd. Belleville, MI 48111. You will also be given free access to our custom app where you can access Med1 events, send private messages, purchase packages, and track your success.

Contact us today to make an appointment. Make the decision to live a happier and healthier lifestyle today and add years to your life!